SquidKids Brand Logo

SquidKids Brand Logo

About Squidkids

Here is a little bit about Squidkids and the ultimate rainwear they manufacture. SquidKids is the brainchild of co-founders Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parkes who formed SquidLondon in 2008. Developing their brand into the childrenswear market started in 2012 with the first ever boys and girls colour changing splash jackets. They believe their fun and colourful, colour-changing designs will bring children’s imaginations alive and add zest and colour to their lives.

SquidKids is the ultimate in rainwear for children. Not only is it practical, good quality and top notch design, it also changes colour in the rain.  Can you imagine the joy and excitement of your little ones when the magic happens. Amazement!

SquidKids was officially launched into in October 2014 and Dolly Rose was part of the launch. We Stock the Girls Purple Panda and Girls Pink Polka Dot Raincoats and matching umbrellas. For boys we have the Blue Bus Raincoat and the Boys Grey Dino Raincoat both with matching umbrellas. They are already proving very popular!